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Forget everything you know
about training and diets.

6W2S is a unique program designed to get you maximum results in the shortest period of time’

So You're Probably Wondering What
The Shredded Program Is All About?

The 6 Weeks to Shredded fat loss program is designed specifically for you. Its a customized program targeted to take care of all of the above.

The 6 weeks to shredded program was created with precise nutrition and training techniques that will be easy to implement and maintain long term. By doing this you’ll be maximizing your body’s metabolism. The program was made specifically for men of all body types, shapes, and sizes. It doesn’t matter what your starting fitness level is, the program will help you improve FAST!

It’s hard to believe but in just 6 weeks you will be able to completely transform your body. How is this possible you ask? Well you’ll finally be able to get rid of that stubborn body fat, you’ll gain lean muscle mass, and in the process you’ll reach new levels of body and self-confidence thanks to the incredible transformation.

So if this sounds like something you’re ready to try then it’s time to click on the link and start the challenge for yourself and get on your way to that body you never thought was possible.

What do I get when I
join 6 Weeks to Shredded?

A complete 6 week challenge including group training, nutrition, support and a community atmosphere. This program will not only transform your body, but will educate you on how to keep it for life!

Shredded Workouts

The ultimate fat burning, muscle-building workouts. These workouts are changed frequently to kick-start your metabolism and give you that lean, strong, athletic body in just 6 weeks.

Exercise Videos

Discover The Effective Step-by-step method to implement the Shredded exercises to give you the best fat-melting results.

The Locker Room

My team and I are here to support you, as part of investing in your health, we’re throwing in the Locker Room where you can reach out to us to help you with your health, nutrition, and work outs.


Get shredded with hundreds of other guys worldwide – and get the motivation and support you need.

Eating Plans

Get your 6 Weeks to Shredded eating plans, formulated specifically to create the rippin’ body you never thought possible


Fun and motivating challenges against the other shredded members to win prizes and money!

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Amazing Transformations

“Thanks for everything Blake, I couldn’t be happier with the results!”
“I’m feeling amazing, thanks Blake”

Truman Carroll
Top FMX rider in Australia

“Mate couldn’t be happier with the results from 6 weeks! Being part of the team made me accountable from coming back to training and staying motivated to keep up with everyone else. I had lost all motivation for keeping fit until now!”

Matt Wilson
Actor on ‘Neighbours’

“I’m been working out for years but never got these results, thanks guys! ”

Nathan Robertson

You Can Secure Your Place NOW!

If you’re not completely happy with the program or don’t think it is for you email the team and we’ll stop your subscription straight away.

Get shredded for just $15/week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need equipment for this?

You dont need a huge amount of equipment but it would be great if you had dumbbells, somewhere to do chin ups and make a barbell. A lot of the exercises are bodyweight.

Can I still do your program if I'm injured

Honestly – I’d prefer not. Best to speak with your doctor and get clearance before starting this program.

Some of those guys are units! I'm not very fit - can I still do it?

Definitely! I’ve created 4 different levels so that I can cater for guys from complete beginners to advanced.

What type of results should I expect?

If you follow everything I say – great results. The quality of your results is a DIRECT result of your application to the program.

What happens after the 6 weeks?

Well it is completely up to you. A large percentage of our guys continue on with the next 6 week program and some have been with me for 2 years. Get through the first 6 weeks – and if you’re happy with how things are going I’d love for you to continue.